GLOSSOPHOBIA. Ever heard that word?  It’s derived from the Greek glossa (meaning tongue) and phobos (fear).  It’s the scientific name for a fear of speaking in public.  A person with glossophobia is unable to control their nerves but most of us experience some degree of anxiety when there’s a microphone in front of us.  It’s the fear of embarrassing ourselves, of saying the wrong thing or saying it the wrong way. It’s quite natural to feel nervous in an unfamiliar situation.

That’s where Goodman Media comes in…

We give you an insight into how it all works so it’s not unfamiliar any more.


We teach you the skills and give you the confidence to speak up – whether that’s in a TV interview or on a presentation stage.

I learned the hard way.  When I started working as a reporter for ITV’s Formula One presentation team back in 1998 I had virtually no experience of talking to a TV camera.  Up until then my journalism had either been in the written press or on the other side of the media ‘fence’ generating the stories as a PR for Formula 1 teams and drivers.

The same applies to delivering presentations.
When I was first approached to talk to a motorsports club about my new TV job, it was the first time I’d ever had to make a speech in public and well, quite frankly, the prospect terrified me! Two decades later, things have changed. I’m now very comfortable behind the microphone – both in a high pressure live TV environment and on stage in a packed conference hall.

I’ve got a detailed insight into how it all works and I understand what audiences need. And since 2008, when I set up Goodman Media, I’ve been sharing my experience with people like you. 

So, if you …


Have ever wondered how to approach an interview


Need help understanding how the media work


Want to nail the content AND delivery of that presentation


Just want to improve your existing skills

… then I can help you achieve your goal.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have some media & presentation skills
I can help you learn how to make a bigger and better impact. 

If you’d like to develop your interview skills and learn how to make the most of every media moment, this is the place for you

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